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Collects and stores items of significance to the history of AA. The committee arranges to record the stories of 'old-timers' to preserve the oral history of AA, Additionally, the committee arranges displays of archive items at Area Assemblies, the Area Round-Up, and area group anniversaries.

Archive boards photo

The Archives boards are a visual presentation of A.A.’s early history, as well as the history of A.A. in Area 31, Western Massachusetts. The Archives display boards are available for A.A. functions such as, Group Anniversaries, Area Assemblies, or various conventions, etc. If you would like to schedule the Archives Boards for an A.A. event you can contact the Archives Committee at

Archives Committee - 7:30 pm - 1st Tuesday
United Methodist Church - 30 Carew St., South Hadley, MA
and simultaneously on Zoom. Please note the Zoom information has changed! Click here for meeting info.

Area 31 Archive Committee e-mail:

Click this link to go to the Archive Committee's documents page.

History of AA in Area 31 from the Area Handbook

Click here to access our fillable Group History Form

Archives Workbook from

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