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Public Information

This committee works closely with AA volunteers to instruct them how to effectively carry the message to the general public. Using the AA guidelines on P.I., and training gained from attending monthly P.I. meetings, The AA member may then be scheduled to speak to the public. This includes schools/students, senior citizens, church groups, alcohol education programs, parent groups, health fairs, radio shows. Boy/Girl Scout troops, DWI schools, or anywhere we are asked to come to explain what AA is, does, and doesn't do. The P.I. Committee also helps provide literature and pamphlets to libraries and visitor's centers and public service announcements to local TV and radio stations.

Like all of A.A., the primary purpose of members involved with public information service is to carry the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Working together, members of local Public Information committees convey A.A. information to the general public, including the media. (Reprinted with permission from A.A. Guidelines (Public Information) G.S.O., A.A. World Services Inc.)

Letter to the public

During this time when large public gatherings are not permitted, those in need of a meeting may be wondering if A.A. is still functioning. The Area 31 PI Committee created this note to let you know there are options available both online and in person. Please take a look at the following document to see where you may find a meeting.

Letter to the public about virtual and reopened A.A. meetings(PDF).

Public Information - 7:30pm - 2nd Tuesday
United Methodist Church - 30 Carew St., South Hadley, MA
and simultaneously on Zoom. Please note the Zoom information has changed! Click here for meeting info.

Area 31 PI Committee e-mail:

A.A. World Services

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