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This site is maintained by the A.A.General Service Committee of Western Massachusetts (Area 31) for the purpose of enhancing unity by providing information pertinent to the General Service structure and functions within Area 31, as well as providing a communication platform for Area committees, members, officers, districts, interested AA members, and the general public. All Area Committees, each District, and the Area Officers are encouraged to share information about on-going service opportunities.

Area General Service Meeting; - 7:30 pm 2nd Wednesday of the month.
Grace United Church - 474 Pleasant St., Holyoke, MA

If you or someone you know who is a member of A.A. and needs assistance, please call the Accessibility Committee hotline at 413-378-3752, or send an email to

Zoom Troll Mitigation

I would like to share some research I have done on line using the TIAA (Technology in AA) forum, This group started by attendees to the NAATW (National AA Technology Workshop) have extensive experience on this subject since many are IT professionals and actively support Zoom meetings for their own groups, Intergroups and Areas.

I have a found a number of resources that can be linked to for in depth explanations on how to improve your Zoom security settings. Please try these suggestions, my research tells me that even making your Zoom meetings private will not make you immune.

The first link I will provide 'cuts to the chase', it contains plenty of explanations but also highlights in bold text the areas that contain suggested changes to your Zoom setup without having to read the rationale behind it (but this is also included). So, from Seattle: Click for the Google Docs document. This is a live document so check back for updates.

The second link is from NYIG (New York Intergroup): This document includes many screenshots to go with the text.

Last but not least is from : AASFM (A.A. Intergroup of SF & Marin): This document uses less screenshots.

Finally, AA is not alone in this battle. The trolls are taking advantage of many organizations that are using Zoom. They include charities, business meetings, online classes, and healthcare seminars, to name just a few. It seems that even unpublished meetings are being disrupted.

2020 International Convention Canceled

link to GSO info
The 2020 AA International Convention that was to be held in Detroit in July has been canceled. Please click on the image to be taken to the GSO website for more information.

Calendar of Online, Zoom & Phone Meetings

The following information is not sponsored by the Area 31 AA, General Service Committee. Neither the Area nor the Western Mass Intergroup is responsible for the accuracy of this list. It is offered here only to assist in connecting alcoholics with one another for the purposes of a meeting and fellowship.

To add/remove meetings only, contact:

This listing of Western Mass meetings uses various mechanisms to connect those who want a meeting during this Covid-19 outbreak. To access the listing please click here ''.

District 4 DCM Update - optional ways of staying connected

district 4 meeting info document

While Area 31 strongly supports the idea and the efforts of the District 4 DCM please contact the DCM with any questions or concerns relating to the content contained in the document.

**If your meeting is facing a building closure and you are looking for some guidance about transitioning your meeting to an electronic platform, please use the following link: to be taken to a document with suggestions on how to achieve this.

The District 4 DCM has put together a document to help those who are looking for a meeting during the COVID-19 outbreak while maintaining everyone's health and well being. This meeting list is mostly District 4. Click on the image on the right to be taken to the Google Docs document.

**This document will be updated as often as possible, but may not be 100% accurate at any given time**

If you have updates about group information within District 4, please email or tell your GSR to be in communication with the district about updates. It is possible that some meetings may make it on the list for meetings that fall outside district 4, and if that meeting would not like to be on this list please be in contact with the DCM at

Update From Western Mass Intergroup

update on Institutions meeting place change for 4/1

This information is provided through the Area website since many service positions are known to require meetings in or commitments to the many facilities mentioned on the Western Mass Intergroup home page.
Please check directly with for the latest information on the closings.

G.S.O./A.A.W.S. Update on Corona Virus (covid-19)

Click on this link to connect to the update on the GSO Homepage ( for the latest shared experience relating to Corona Virus (Covid-19).

GSO is likely to post updates from time to time. It is worth clicking on the link above to get the latest information as it is released.

Spring Assembly & Mini Conference - Canceled

The 2020 Spring Assembly that was to be held at Hitchcock Free Academy in Brimfield has been canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

51st Area 31 Western Mass Round-Up - To Be Rescheduled

The Area 31 Western Mass Round-up is presently on hold and hopefully can be rescheduled to a later date. Check back here for any for updates.

Delegate Communication About Spring Assembly

describe flyer

I know everyone has been informed that the Mini conference and Area Assembly has been canceled. Since we are not having the mini conference our Delegate is asking you to please give him any thoughts and or ideas you or your group/district have relating to any of the conference agenda items. (Those are what was in all the packets, including those who received workbooks and kits) we have been handing out at all the committee meetings over the last two months.

He would prefer you send him your thoughts, ideas and feedback via e-mail: at but is open to receiving feedback what ever way is best for you. You could call him (his number is in the Area 31 Service Directory) if you are more comfortable by phone or you can call to make other arrangements.

Click on the image on the right to see the complete document.

70th General Service Conference Update

General Service Conference update PDF

Our Area 31 Delegate to the 70th General Service Conference has shared an update from the General Service Office relating to the upcoming Conference.
To read the document please click on the image to the right.


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