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The Webmaster provides maintenance of the Website, including updating information and implementing changes in the presentation of information posted. The Webmaster assigns and maintains user ID’s and passwords for e-mail and secure access to the website. The Webmaster registers the site’s domain, shops for the best value of services provided for the Website, and ensures that the information provided on the site is by AA, for AA and about AA. Any request to post information that is determined to be questionable by the Webmaster will be submitted to the Area Committee for review. (For your information, website content submission guidelines can be found here in PDF format.)

    Suggested qualifications:
  • The Area 31 Webmaster should have a reasonable period of sobriety (suggested minimum 3 years), Area service experience, and good organizational skills.
  • Strong computer skills are essential to this position, including experience setting up and maintaining Websites.
  • The Webmaster should have a strong understanding of AA’s Twelve Traditions and Twelve Concepts for World Service, and good judgment about what constitutes appropriate material for the Website.

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