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Receives and records all contributions sent to the Area Committee, pays all area bills (rents, committee members' approved expenses, mailing costs, etc.), compiles and presents a monthly treasurer's report to the Area Committee, compiles and presents a bi-annual treasurer's report to the Spring and Fall assemblies, develops an annualized budget (see Guidelines IX.B.), assists all other area officers as needed, and works with an accountant to file appropriate tax and corporate paperwork annually as required.

    Suggested qualifications:
  • The Treasurer should be a responsible person with a solid period of sobriety.
  • He or she should be organized enough to keep good records, and some accounting or bookkeeping experience is useful. If not, the person elected may need help in setting up a system, and possibly some clerical assistance.
  • Persuasiveness, firmness, and diplomacy will help the treasurer do the job.

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