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  1. Regularly updates area groups' information with the help of the DCMs and GSRs in a database of group information that is managed by the General Service Office called Fellowship Connection
  2. provides current and updated information on groups to the DCMs and GSRs
  3. collects and updates area committee officer and member (ACM) information as it changes (ACMs are officers such as Delegate, Area Chair, Secretary, as well as DCMs and chairpersons of the various committees) in Fellowship Connection
  4. exports ACM info to a form usable by the Secretary in creating the Area Service Directory
  5. generates mailing labels on request for the Area Secretary, Delegate, Area Chair and each district
  6. reports at monthly Area Committee meetings and at the Spring and Fall Assemblies on the number of registered groups and members in the area
  7. cooperates with Intergroups in Area 31 to keep group information current.
    Suggested Qualifications:
  • A reasonable period of sobriety, area service experience, good organizational and follow-up skills, and computer literacy.

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Information provided to the Area 31 Registrar will be recorded with Area 31 General Service, and A.A. General Service Office New York, N.Y.

If you wish to make changes to the "When & Where" meeting list for Area 31, which is maintained by the Western Massachusetts Intergroup Office, you will need to have your group Chairperson, GSR, or Intergroup Representative complete the appropriate form at the Intergroup Office located at 300 Appleton Street, Holyoke, MA 01040

Area 31 Registrar e-mail:

DCM / GSR Group Change Forms can be found on the Registrars Documents Page

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