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Local Committee Member (LCM)

If a large district chooses to divide itself into smaller areas (sometimes called sub-districts or local districts), an LCM is elected to serve that local district. The LCM may be a past GSR, outgoing GSR, or even a past or outgoing DCM. Each district is autonomous when deciding the number of LCMs they will utilize, how long the LCM will serve, and may follow the same guidelines as suggested for election to a DCM position.
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    What our LCMs do:
  • Assist DCMs in the effort to visit all meetings/groups in their districts in hopes to inspire greater involvement, cooperation and unity.
  • Attend monthly district meetings and is encouraged to attend the Area Committee meetings.
  • Attend Spring and Fall assemblies and the Round-Up.
  • Be a voting member at their district meetings.
  • Possibly stand in as alternate DCM
  • Gain experience for a future service position.

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