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General Service Representative (GSR)

"First let's remember that the base for our service structure rests on the dedication and ability of several thousand General Service Representatives (G.S.R.'s), several hundred area Committee Members, and nearly a hundred Delegates. These are the direct agents of the A.A. groups; these are the indispensable linkage between our Fellowship and its world service; these are the primary representatives of A.A.'s group conscience. Without their support and activity we could not operate permanently at all."
"When making their choices of G.S.R.'s, the A.A. groups should therefore have such facts well in rnind. It ought to be remembered that it is only the G.S.R. 's who, in Group Assembly meetings (or in caucus) can name Committee Members and finally name the Delegates. Hence great care needs to be taken by the groups as they choose these Representatives. Hit-or-miss methods should be avoided. Groups who name no G.S.R.'s should be encouraged to do so. In this area a degree of weakness tends to persist. The needed improvement seems to be a matter of increased care, responsibility and education."
(Reprinted from Twelve Concepts for World Service, Concept IX, pg.36,37 with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.)

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For more information download the pamphlet "P-19 G.S.R. General Service Representative" from in PDF format.

The GSR "...may be the most important job in AA. By choosing its most qualified man or woman as GSR, a group helps secure its own future - and the future of AA as a whole." -Bill W.

The General Service Representative has the job of linking his or her group with AA as a whole. The GSR represents the group at the district and area levels, bringing the groups' thought, news and problems to the District committee member and to the Delegate, who then passes them on to the conference. In return, the GSR brings back to the group the information and remedies that affect AA-unity, health, and growth. To the extent that a GSR keeps the group informed, then expresses the group conscience, only then can the Conference be assured it is acting for AA as a whole. Ideally, all groups should make every effort possible to have an alternate GSR.

    Suggested qualifications for this 2 year commitment are:
  • Has the confidence of the group
  • Is an active member of his or her group
  • Has 2 to 3 years of continuous sobriety
  • Has experience in service work and held group officer positions
  • Has learned that AA offers growth through service work and has become aware of the meaning of our Traditions
    The duties of the GSR are:
  • Serve a 2 year term, often beginning on January 1
  • Attend the district meetings with other GSRs and DCMs, the Spring and Fall assemblies, and the Round-Up
  • Be a voting member at their district meetings and area assemblies
  • Serve on special committees as a bonus of being a GSR
  • Become knowledgeable about AA material available from GSO
  • Learn everything they can about the 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts and become familiar with the Service Manual

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