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Getting Involved

How Do I Get Involved?
"Most A.A. members are primarily interested in their groups, in their own sobriety, and in helping other drunks one-on-one And that is as it should be. While the work of general service has precisely the same objective carrying the message to the alcoholics who still suffers -- the connection is not always direct or obvious. Some stimulators are usually needed to get the attention of A.A. members to show them that service can add a rich dimension to their sober lives and Twelfth Step work, and that their participation is vital to the future of A.A."
(Reprinted from The A.A Service Manual pg S22 with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.)

"There is another good reason for "participation," and this one has to do with our spiritual needs. All of us deeply desire to belong. We want an A.A. relation of brotherly partnership. It is our shining ideal that the "spiritual corporation" of A.A. should never include any members who are regarded as "second class". Deep down, I think this is what we have been struggling to achieve in our world service structure. Here is perhaps the principal reason why we should continue to ensure "participation" at every important level. Just as there are no second-class A.A.'s, neither should there be any second-class world service workers either. The "Right of Participation" is therefore a corrective of ultimate authority because it mitigates its harshness or misuse. It also encourages us who serve A.A. to accept the necessary disciplines that our several tasks require. We can do this when we are sure that we belong, when the feet of our "participation" assures us that we are truly the "trusted servants" described in A.A. Tradition Two."
(Reprinted from Twelve Concepts for World Service, Concept IV, pg.21, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.)

If you are interested in getting involved with an Area committee at any level you can contact us through our email addresses listed here.

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