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Webmail Access Instructions

The following directions are to access your Area31aa domain hosted email

You can access the WEBMAIL LOGIN PAGE ( by clicking here, the login page will open in a new tab allowing you to reference these instructions as you log in.

Individual email addresses have been setup for all Area officers, chairs of Area standing committees, chairs of some Area invited committees, and District committee members. These are linked to our Area 31 website. The address format (minus the quotes) is '' and this is also the login username, (you can find your_account here). The password was either previously sent to you in an email message or given to you by the outgoing Area Officer, Committee Chair or DCM. If the password is not available to you or is not known, the webmaster can reset it for you -- just ask. It is suggested that the first time you log in you change the password to something you will remember. The instructions for doing this are located in the next to last paragraph on this page.

Webmail access instructions:

Webmail login dialog

Webmail allows you to access your email from any computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Please make sure to log out when checking your email on public computers so that other people cannot access your email account. You can check the webmail for your account by using a web browser. Go to and you will see a dialog box like the one on the left. Here you enter the username ( and password for the email account.

Webmail app selection dialog

After you are logged in you should see the dialog box at left, with two choices for viewing your email. I have found 'Horde' to be more full featured but feel free to try out either of the options, they all access the same emails. You can also get instructions for setting up a POP or IMAP email client using the 'Set up email on your device' dialog on the right of the screen.

To change your PASSWORD: in the dialog above you would click on 'Password & Security' lower down in the center of the screen.

If you need help or have any questions -- just email the Webmaster at

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