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District Committee Member (DCM)

The District Committee Member (DCM) is the vital link between the group's GSR and the Area service structure. A DCM is an AA member who usually has served as a GSR and whom the other GSRs wish to make responsible for their district activities. An able, experienced GSR makes a good DCM provided he or she has the time and desire to work closely with groups within the district. In Area 31, two Co-DCMs serve each district for a two year term. Ideally, one Co-DCM is elected in the fall of each year. The election should take place before the Fall Assembly and is set up by the DCM who is finishing up his or her term.

    Suggested qualifications for this two year commitment are:
  • A background in AA service work including GSR and perhaps experience with Intergroup affairs.
  • Enough sobriety (at least four to five years) to be eligible for election as Delegate.
  • The time and energy to serve the district well.
    The duties of a DCM are:
  • Chairs monthly district meeting and reports at monthly area meeting.
  • Receives information from the group level through GSRs and through frequent contacts with groups in the district.
  • Assists the Delegate and Area Registrar in obtaining group information for our Eastern United States Directory.
  • Keeps GSRs informed about Conference and Area activities.
  • Acquaints GSRs with the AA Service Manual and other AA literature.
  • Strongly encourages all GSRs and alternates to attend area assemblies.
  • Regularly attends groups in the district, encouraging groups that have no GSR to elect one and send him or her to the monthly district meeting.
  • Works with DCMs in other districts exchanging ideas on how to improve communication between DCMs and GSRs and to inspire GSRs on how to effectively pass information on to their groups.
  • Participates in the Spring and Fall Assemblies and the Round-Up.

By maintaining active contact, both with the groups in the district and the Delegate, the DCM is a key link in ensuring that all the AA groups are aware of the importance of their total participation in local, district, area and world services. © A.A.W.S. S31

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