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Area Chair

The Area Chair prepares the agenda for and chairs the monthly Area Committee meeting and the Spring and Fall Assemblies, and appoints an Area Registrar and Area Archivist as those positions become vacant. The Area Chair also appoints co-chairpersons (and chairpersons when necessary) of the following service committees: Archives, Cooperation with the Professional Community, Grapevine, and Public Information. The Area Chair also communicates with area service committees and district meetings, and is responsible for arranging meeting times and places for the Area Committee, the standing committees, and the Fall and Spring Assemblies. The Area Chair attends NERAASA.

    Suggested qualifications:
  • The Area Chair should have a solid period of sobriety (minimum three to five years), and experience in group, intergroup, institutional, and/or area affairs. Area chairs need a sound understanding and appreciation of the Steps, the Traditions, and the Concepts, along with a good fund of experience gained through applying these guides successfully to local problems.
  • Communications skills, leadership qualities, and sensitivity to the wishes of the local area are also important.

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