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Alternate Delegate

The Alternate Delegate works closely with the Area Delegate, attending the same service events as the Delegate, except the General Service Conference, and is prepared to serve as Delegate if necessary. The Alternate Delegate also serves on the Massachusetts State Convention Planning committee as program co-chair in the first year, and as program chair in the second year. The Alternate Delegate may perform some special functions of the Area Committee.

    Suggested qualifications:(The same as those for the Delegate.)
  • Several years of active participation in local and area affairs, as a G.S.R. and as a committee member.
  • Time available, not only for the week-long Conference meeting in April but for all the efforts needed before and after the Conference.
  • Five or six years of continuous sobriety.
  • The ability to make and take suggestions—and criticism, too.
  • Experience in chairing meetings.
  • Knowledge of A.A. affairs, and of where to find the correct information when they do not know the answers.
  • Thorough familiarity with the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts and how they apply to local problems.
  • The ability to be open-minded, to sit down with A.A.s in the area and with other delegates to discuss and act on matters vital to A.A.

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