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Western Mass. Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous

Mission Statement: Western Massachusetts Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous is an A.A committee comprised of individuals who combine their experience, strength and hope in order to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. All alcoholics are welcome and encouraged to participate, enhance their sobriety, and to be of service to Area 31. WMYPAA’s primary goals are derived from A.A.’s three legacies.

We strive to:
a. Support young alcoholics in their recovery
b. Promote unity among alcoholics of all ages.
c. Encourage young members of A.A. to participate in A.A.’s General Service Structure.

Western Mass. Young People in A.A. - 3:00pm - last Sunday
Providence Hospital - 1233 Main St., Holyoke, MA

Area 31 WMYPAA Committee e-mail:

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