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Update from the Area 31 Delegate

The 2020 full General Service Virtual Conference Report is out and is available to AA members as an electronic anonymity-protected version in English, French and Spanish. The print version in English and Spanish is also available.

If you want the 2020 GSO final report you can find it in PDF format on the 'Delegates Corner' conference page. If you need a hard copy, (it is 120 pages,) contact the Delegate at and include your mailing address in the e-mail.

All the 2020 GSO Conference members participated in a zoom meeting and received the updated GSO financial report on Saturday 8/17/20. Due to COVID issues the financial report had not been audited yet and was not given at the conference. A copy is available to AA members through an e-mail request to the delegate at

The theme for the 2021 General Service Conference is: “A.A. in a Time of Change.”

    The following are the presentation/discussion topics for the 2021 General Service Conference:
  • Practicing A.A.’s Spiritual Principles in a Changing World:
  • Recovery in a Changing World
  • Unity in a Changing World
  • Service in a Changing World
    The workshop topic for the 2021 General Service Conference is:
  • Inform — Communicate
  • Involve — Act
  • Inspire — Attract

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