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District 4 DCM Update - optional ways of staying connected

district 4 meeting info document

While Area 31 strongly supports the idea and the efforts of the District 4 DCM please contact the DCM with any questions or concerns relating to the content contained in the document.

**If your meeting is facing a building closure and you are looking for some guidance about transitioning your meeting to an electronic platform, please use the following link: to be taken to a document with suggestions on how to achieve this.

The District 4 DCM has put together a document to help those who are looking for a meeting during the COVID-19 outbreak while maintaining everyone's health and well being. This meeting list is mostly District 4. Click on the image on the right to be taken to the Google Docs document.

**This document will be updated as often as possible, but may not be 100% accurate at any given time**

If you have updates about group information within District 4, please email or tell your GSR to be in communication with the district about updates. It is possible that some meetings may make it on the list for meetings that fall outside district 4, and if that meeting would not like to be on this list please be in contact with the DCM at

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