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Cooperation with the Professional Community

Seeks to create mutual understanding and cooperation between A.A. and the professional community. Makes general information about AA available to those in fields such as health care, education, law enforcement, and social work. Provides schedules, pamphlets, videos, etc., to professionals.

Letter to professinalsr

During this time when large public gatherings are not permitted, professionals may be wondering if A.A. is still meeting. The Area 31 CPC Committee created this note to send to professionals to let them know how to connect their clients with A.A. during this time. A.A. members are encouraged to send this note to professionals who may find benefit in it. This could be 12th step work that makes a difference in a drinker’s life.

Letter to professionals about virtual A.A. meetings (PDF)
Letter to professionals about virtual A.A. meetings (Word)

If this type of service work is of interest to you, we encourage you to read the pamphlets How A.A. Members Cooperate with Professionals” and “Information on Alcoholics Anonymous”. We also invite you to attend the Area 31 CPC meetings held on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month. All A.A. members are welcome.

C.P.C. - 7:30 pm - 2nd Tuesdays
Grace United Church - 474 Pleasant St., Holyoke, MA
Temporarily meeting on Zoom. Click here for meeting info.

Area 31 CPC Committee e-mail:

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